June 3, 2020

For COO's and Project Managers, the performance of their field personnel is their central focus. Key factors are the duration of the project, as well as the way the project is divided into phases to allow appropriate and useful tracking data to be collected. Projects that have well-defined task tracking gather important data to stay within budget and on schedule.

In the construction industry, knowing how much your field crew contributes to a project has a major influence over how a project progresses. When your organization can track labor time, material usage, and other important factors of a project, it can allow them to make quick decisions and strategically change schedules, assignments, and roles in the most efficient way.

If you aren't already, you should be tracking all of this data with a mobile software solution. Software allows all of your employees to easily document and share daily reports, RFIs, schedules, submittals, daily costs, and production rates. This allows you to access and share real-time information with all stakeholders on the project. A good software solution should be simple, accurate, and should provide intuitive analytics in real time. Jobsite intelligence is a key factor in improving overall efficiency and will keep projects at or under budget.

With labor costs making up almost 40 percent of total project costs, it is critical for business owners to have visibility into personnel on the jobsite when and where they need it in order to make timely decisions and assess needs and requirements. It's important to have a solution in place where you can efficiently and effectively manage all the moving parts of a project, especially labor time. Construction companies will benefit greatly from knowing the status of their projects. A new breed of automated labor tracking solutions are now available that deliver better insight into jobsite operations and enables businesses to operate more intelligently driven by productivity, safety, and security.

ALMobile's Production Tracking application allows you to visualize job progress, receive real-time updates about projects, and easily filter budget against actual data you need, when you need it on one screen. Reach out to sales@austinlane.com to see our Production Tracking solution LIVE!