ALMobile Releases Two New Key Features That Provide Enhanced Workflow and Faster Approval Process

January 21, 2021

ALMobile continues to provide innovation through its ability to provide high compliance and accurate representation of data on all of its reporting features and capabilities. These capabilities have been enhanced for the user base to consolidate steps and streamline reporting relationships in the field.

The Specify Supervisor feature is an exciting new development that allows field users to specify their direct manager, like a supervisor or project manager, which optimizes communication and enables better hierarchy management.

The Supervisor Approvals feature allows supervisors to easily manage their approval layout and workflow by leveraging the Mobile Web Client’s Grid Time Entry application. An entire crews’ time for a foreman can be viewed, edited, and approved on a single screen with a mobile device anywhere, anytime.

Approving timecard information in the Grid Time Entry provides ease of use and simplicity for the supervisor, and more importantly, the new feature is faster for editing and approving of timecard information without ever having to switch away from their mobile device.

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