ALMobile’s Application Programming Interface (API) provides a modern way for web enabled applications to be integrated efficiently in an easy to understand and structured format. The ALMobile Cloud API provides a powerful way to leverage project data to gain new insights and decision support.

The ALMobile Cloud API enables numerous use cases empowering users with the ability to create powerful data centric functions; such as analytics, dashboards, data warehouse loads, data feeds to line of business applications, and integration to third party applications.

ALMobile Cloud API Architecture

ALMobile API Diagram

Native Cloud-Based Architecture

The ALMobile Cloud API is powered by the Microsoft Azure API Management platform. Azure API Management provides a unified Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) as part of the core ALMobile solution and extends these capabilities to ALMobile customers. The architecture provides governance, scalability and security which is delivered seamlessly through the ALMobile user experience to the customer’s end-user development staff empowering data-based decisions.

ALMobile Cloud API Use Cases Examples for Customers

At the highest level, the business need is accurate information to make operational decisions. For most ALMobile customers, the source of the most accurate real-time information about their construction projects, productivity, resources and equipment resides in ALMobile. The ALMobile Cloud API provides secure open access to real-time information in a way that the customer’s technical staff can leverage and integrate into a variety of enterprise use cases such as feeds into Operational Data Stores, Application Integration and end-user tools such as Analytics, Data Visualization and Microsoft Excel.

ALMobile Cloud API Architecture

ALMobile API Portal

Getting Started with the ALMobile Cloud API

Access to the ALMobile Cloud API requires an active ALMobile Cloud subscription. A Portal provides onboarding technical documentation to assist customer technical analysts with their development and testing of the ALMobile Cloud API into their environment. To gain access and begin using the ALMobile API today, contact

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